The Good Side of Having a Joomla Website

by Web TeamJune 4, 2015
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On the internet, there are more than 30 million Joomla websites which proves that the popularity of Joomla has soared. It is now being used by several web design agencies when creating websites for businesses. Joomla is a very competitive tool and the types of websites that use this are mostly online newspapers and eCommerce. In this day and age, the web design and web development industry have been revolutionized by open source software in general.

Anyone can create their own webpage, from personal sites to business sites. Building websites with Joomla can be fun and one of its major benefits is using the self-hosted website. There are several advantages that Joomla design has to offer which cannot be delivered by conventional websites.

Joomla is an award winning software that has been tried and tested. It has constantly won awards as the best content management system in the Open Source category based on criteria like robustness and usability of the system as well as functionality.

Since Joomla is an open source and it is free, it can be used for any commercial purpose. Those who use this CMS do not have to pay any license fees. The code of a Joomla website design can be extended and modified to meet the specific necessities of a business and is fully accessible to both Joomla developers and web designers.

Joomla websites have built-in features which can also be found on established websites, including contact forms, banners ads, customer login, and private areas. The entire list of built-in features can be found on Joomla’s feature page. Speaking of features, its several add-on modules and components make Joomla flexible; there are hundreds of third party add-on features which are either absolutely free or can be purchased at an affordable price. There are also over a dozen other modules offered by other CMS software.

Due to the design and color scheme the client gets with this CMS, Joomla websites are always eye catching and appealing. With the help of a Joomla web developer, a good combination of font color and the background colors can attract several visitors to the website. Given that Joomla design is Web 2.0 enabled, there are many dynamic features offered.

Once a Joomla website is developed and launched, it is very easy to maintain. No web design skills or technical skills are needed to update the menu, add or edit content, and add images, even a layman can do all the work. If the website owner runs into a problem, there are several support pages and forums about Joomla websites that can provide assistance.

A major advantage with Joomla is the fact that multi-lingual functions are available. Actually, it can be easily implemented in more than one language. The user will get the option to easily switch between languages once content has been added in the back-end and front-end. Because of all its great features, it is no wonder that Joomla has attracted millions of users.


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