Avoid Slow Loading Time in WordPress Websites

by Web TeamJuly 16, 2015

Do you want a website which has plugins for social media and is a complete content management system? WordPress would be the best choice. WordPress was initially a tool for bloggers, but over the years it has continuously grown and properly developed. Now, it is widely used as a content management system.

Several developers belonging to the open source community have chipped in their efforts towards WordPress’ development and today, it is not just a tool for those who blog. WordPress website design is pretty simple and there is a wide range of templates and themes available to choose from. You can easily modify the templates according to your business requirement.

Here are some practical tips for making WordPress websites that are user-friendly and creative:

When creating WordPress websites, make sure it loads fast. There are a lot of factors that make a web page’s loading time slow: the code design and the plugins you are using and the template theme you have chosen are a few of the factors that contribute to the website’s loading speed. It is best to select a website design or a theme that has been optimized for the tablet, desktop, and mobile device. Responsive designs guarantee that all pages have the same URL.

There are a huge number of plugins offered in WordPress. Before installing one, though, ask yourself if the plugin is really required. Most websites that encounter performance issues are caused by plugins and you should only install them if it is really needed.

Putting too many images on your webpage will also cause lagging when it loads. You can optimize the photos on the website using applications like Photoshop and covert them to PNG before uploading them.

When choosing the theme for your website, think of the customer or the visitor and pick a theme you know won’t take forever to load. Long loading time can be frustrating and drive visitors away. The interface that you create must fit the needs of the end-user.

If you are new to WordPress, you can get advice from developers who are experienced with WordPress web design. They can give you the information you need when building large WordPress websites, like tips on selecting the right plugins, template, and theme. The professionals can give you advice so your website will be user-friendly and optimized.

There are many web design companies that can create WordPress websites for reasonable costs. By availing of their services, you can get the needed expertise suitable for your business. In case you need changes or further enhancements to improve your website, you can contact them to make the necessary changes.

It is easy to back up your files and database with WordPress. You can save all your pages, posts, menus, and comments in a single file and import them back into WordPress. You can also use a plugin to take care of the backups. Some plugins can back up locally to your server and there are also others that can back up your files to Dropbox and other external services.

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